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Order Furniture

With your family forever.

Order Furniture

Long-lasting inherited feelings.

Originated from the furniture processing department of Mitsukoshi Department Store,
and after a hundred years, its name became Mitsukoshi Isetan Property Design.
Even with the name change, its role has never been changed.

As an important element of interior design, snuggle up to users and provide the essence
of tailored lifestyle.

It retains aesthetics and is inherited along with the space.
In order to convey it for a longer period of time, we repeat the care many times…..
Craftsman’s spirit will be inherited in their work for the next 100 years.
We value the spirit and make furniture best suitable for the people who live.


Aspirations for interiors, starting with furniture crafting.

Make things that are not there.
Our journey began with the spirit cultivated with the birth of Japanese department stores.
From furniture making to interior design over time, the furniture crafting has remained unchanged
even with the area expansion.
We will introduce our history so far in the movies.

MOVIE “Rokugo factory personal order”

  • MOVIE"Rokugo factory furniture craftsman's thoughts (chair making)"

  • MOVIE"Rokugo factory furniture craftsman's thoughts (assembling)"

  • MOVIE"Rokugo factory furniture craftsman's thoughts (painting)"

Personal Order

To have you use furniture as long as possible.

our services includes consultation on design, materials and usability to furniture production and aftercare,
to best suited to your current room,
or to fit the furniture to a new building plan.
In order to have you use it for a long time, we continue to materialize various requests and produce
each piece of furniture over time.


Beyond we stick to the limit.

In our furniture production, we make things by collaborating with external partners in order to
incorporate technologies and techniques that are only there sometimes.
The technique of laminating bamboo with high strength and the technique of bending it flexibly
without any size differences.
The “Bamboo Chair” was born for the first time only with these techniques.
Even now, we are trying for new innovations through collaborations with famous creators.


Bamboo Chair


Real authentic goodness deepens over time.

Here we introduce the furniture brand “COUNTRY HOUSE”
manufactured by Isetan Mitsukoshi Property Design.
Examination of materials, design without getting tired of, usability, functionality, finish ...
What always stays with the family while blending into everyday life.
What we have inherited is nothing but the passion to stay closer to our customers forever.

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